Ville de Malaunay

Malaunay en anglais [english version]

Once upon a time, Malaunay was in transitions...
Strong in its history, looking towards the future, our city invents every day new ways to live together while adapting to climate change.
Let's take a walk through the small and large projects carried out over the past ten years in all areas to develop social bonds, become energy self-sufficient, eat better, improve mobility and support the local economy!

A vibrant and cultural city
Tell me a story!

In Malaunay, several municipal services and facilities are offered to the inhabitants: a day-care center, the childcare assistant relay, the library and the games library, the swimming pool, the school cafeteria and the day-care centers, children's activity centre, the municipal school of music and arts, the Boris Vian socio-cultural center, as well as many sports facilities.
The Offroy factory, the arches of the viaduct railway, the Notre-Dame-des-Champs chapel, the Saint-Nicolas church: the heart of the city in the plain has a rich heritage, which you can discover on our collaborative Wikipedia page.
The four seasons give rhythm to the meetings: Circus and gardening in the spring, the celebration of Saint-Jean with music in the summer, Saint-Maurice citizens in the fall, and the Fééries of the winter. The inhabitants are involved with the citizen forum, neighborhood visits, participative workshops, public meetings, the SMAC: Municipal Service for the Support of Citizen Initiatives.

An active & dynamic city
Your energy is the best !

In Malaunay, the train takes us to Rouen in 8 minutes, and the public transport network is gradually expanding. The municipality is virtuous for the travel of its agents with 7 electric vehicles, 5 gas vehicles, several bicycles and a delivery tricycle. To get around without polluting, we use pedestrian paths, bicycle lanes, and we take advantage of several kilometers of paths for hiking. The city has launched an original action: Malaunay is getting on the bike, by involving the inhabitants in the development of the little queen in the town.

About sport, there is plenty to do: the city has a municipal swimming pool, a low-energy gymnasium, a solar-powered bowling alley and a city stadium, a skate park, two soccer fields, three tennis courts and a dojo.

A city of solidarity and community involvement
Everything can be shared

Inhabitants of Malaunay are active in the community ! 15 sports and 11 cultural associations, 10 solidarity associations, 2 educational associations, 3 environmental associations and 2 patriotic associations constitute a solid network of associations that are always on the move to support, educate, share knowledge and stimulate the territory. Nearly 3000 visitors come to the association forum in September. Throughout the year, training sessions, friendly meetings and competitions, shows and exhibitions, galas and festive meals are held !

An attractive city
Together, Malaunay goes further!

Malaunay is a laboratory of solutions: it hosts innovations before they are deployed, such as storing solar electricity in church in a car battery, installing anti-pollution nets to preserve the Cailly river. Malaunay is the first city in France to implement extended collective self-consumption. The town has a hundred of entrepreneurs, including two well-known companies, Legrand Normandie and Nutriset, its local shops federated in the AMAC (the Malaunay Association of Craftsmen and Traders), and a market on the Place de laïcité in front of the town hall, not to be missed every Sunday!

An edible city
Can you eat a city?

In Malaunay, there are freely accessible orchards in the city, vegetable gardens at school, at the children's activity centre and in the neighborhoods, rhubarb here, raspberries and grapes there... 400 hectares of farmland, 5 farms, meadows pastured by herds of cows, diversified crops, market gardening, beehives. Food merchants, craftsmen, restaurants, the lively and gourmet Sunday market, direct sales in Saint-Maurice, a brewer, two caterers, a social and solidarity grocery store and an AMAP (Association for the preservation of a peasant agriculture). At the school canteen, 500 meals are prepared every day with quality, local, organic and certified products. Cooking classes are offered by the CCAS (municipal social action center), associations, the residence Les Tilleuls, the Maison des Lys, the leisure center...

A positive energy city
Is a flower solar?

In Malaunay, the roofs reflect the light: 1600 m² (17222 sq ft) of photovoltaic panels are installed on 11 municipal buildings. With the three wood-fired heating systems, 65% of heating needs are provided by renewable energy, generating 35% energy savings since 2006. In terms of housing, the city supports a dynamic of renovation and rehabilitation of private and public housing and is a model and unique laboratory for new constructions. And for the inhabitants, the Energy Management Assistance Service, the SAME, provides free assistance in their housing improvement projects.